100DaysOfCode, Day 5

The 5th entry in a continuous series of learnings from this accountability challenge.

100DaysOfCode, Day 5
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I decided to make longer form accountability posts for the trends I hashtagged below. Will this hurt how I’m perceived when I decide to hunt for a corporate job and let freelancing take a back seat? Not sure.

Some schools of thought say you should avoid these trends on networks like LinkedIn. To be honest, I can see why, so my intent is to enhance what I document about my efforts and process.

I want to see my own progress more than I want to prove myself to anyone else. So I’m planning to expand on my efforts in the takeaway section and give a “behind the scenes” look at what I find worth learning by providing my Anki questions/answers.

If you have any questions or input on how I’m structuring this and tracking progress, please reach out on socials or feel free to buy a sub and comment here 🙂


Day 5 of #100DaysOfCode to #buildinpublic with #100Devs

I studied:

  • refreshers on HTML and CSS

I built:

screen shot of a web page built for 100DaysOfCode
screen shot of a web page for 100DaysOfCode

Biggest Takeaway


Oftentimes I am my biggest blocker. I need to practice getting started more often, that’s how consistency builds up - starting when things feel tough.


Befriending clients brings opportunities 9/10 times, so far. Be genuine and considerate and your prospects will look forward to becoming clients, while your clients look forward to maintaining the relationship.

Design {and Development}:

This Shay Howe exercise is an interesting look at some dated development techniques for layout and positioning. It’s interesting to see how things were done prior to Flexbox and Grid and reminds me of how effective they are as tools in my development.

Note Dump

I use this space to generate Anki card content for my spaced repetition learning. For more info, check out Ali Abdaal on YouTube. The things I called out to quiz myself on are personal to what I took away from the material I reviewed but if you’re curious to discuss any, hit me up on Twitter or just become a paid subscriber to help by donating to Resilient Coders (then you can comment here 😉)

  • No new cards were added today so here are my studying stats
screen shot of study stats for anki cards
screen shot for more study stats for an anki card deck